Saturday, 25 September 2010


So i havnt made a blog in a few days :o Shocking i know, but today something funny happened so i thought i'd post it here telling you guy's :D We had the Barn Owl flying around the house as usual and it came into the kichen where my Nana was sitting at the dining table, under a shelf that held up a vaise with some fake roses minding her own buisness. Ofcourse the owl being as silly as it is decides to fly ontop of the shelf and land ontop of the vaise knocking it off. SMASH straight onto my Nana's head splitting it into several peices. Now i know what you're thinking, OMG IS SHE OKAY?! Yes she is, She wasnt hurt and she just laughed and called the Owl a silly duck ;) So it's allowed to be funny :D

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