Q. I cant hear any music on the radio?
A. Make sure you have your volume turned on if it is on try refreshing your page. If the music still does not play check if the server is online/offline by looking at the bottom of the radio page. If the Radio is said to be online and you still can not hear any music then try this link if you realy wish to listen - Click here

Q. Why do we have to put up with the adverts on this site? Why not just remove them.
A. Running this site does cost us some money and thing's that we have planned for the site will also cost us more money also. The ad's are placed on the site to help the site keep running otherwise we wouldnt be able to provide all the thing's we have planned for you.

Q. When is the next video coming out on iPieTV?
A. Video's take time to make aswell as more time to edit and upload them for the viewers to see. Sadly here at iPieTV we do have other thing's to do with our lives other than making constant video's that we do for free because of the amount of fun we think it is to create them.

Q. Your site sucks!
A. Not a question but thank's anyway.